Got Questions? Here's the place to find out...

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get paddling, so we've spent time to answer some frequently asked questions that are relevent to our business.

To stop the section being overwhelming, we've split these into sections: FAQ's for Hiring and FAQ's for lessons.

Please click on the relevant subpage to see them but as always, if your question isn't answered please do get in touch with us via the Contacts page where we'd be more than happy to answer questions you have.

You can find our Terms and Conditions of hire here.


Due to the uncertain nature of covid 19 at present, we are currently not running any lessons (March 2021) and will NOT be running group lessons in the immediate future to minimise risk of transmission. We take every care to ensure boards and equipment is cleaned and disinfected between use and will be screening customers prior to any private 1-2-1 lessons for covid 19 symptoms. Whilst the current pandemic is ongoing, we will maintain all responsibilities possible to keep you as safe as possible, however, we cannot guarantee 100% risk free paddling and by using our services you agree to accept this risk.