Whats included in the package?

Everything you need to get on the water:

  • Fatstick Inflatable Paddleboard

  • High Quality, adjustable SUP paddle

  • High Volume manual SUP Pump

  • Fins

  • Ankle Leash

  • Instructions on how to set your board up

And all packaged in a well designed wheeled rucksack with comfortable carry straps to either carry or pull.

How does your hire work?

It's simple. Collect at 8-8:30am, return between 4-5pm. When you book, we will give you all the relevant details for collection/drop off and how to pay ready for the day you'd like the boards. We always keep an eye on the weather forecast, and if the day you want to paddle isn't looking good, we'll offer you an alternative day that suits you or a refund.

What if I can't collect the equipment at that time?

Collection of boards the day before will incur extra charges. In truly exceptional circumstances we may be able to deliver for an additional fee, by prior arrangement only. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We ask for a valid credit/debit card number to be held by us as security as your deposit. We will return this to you on return of the equipment.

How heavy are the boards?

Our boards are 9.5kg by themselves and when stowed in their bag are 15.5kg. The bags have comfortable carry straps and also wheels.

Where can I use the board?

You can paddle on rivers and canals (with a license if required) using the designated portage points to enter and exit the river. Some lakes allow paddling but always check and get permission before launching. You can paddle in the sea from most beaches too but be sure to know the tides, weather conditions and local anomalies. You can find local paddle sites on the GoPaddling website.

Can I let my dog on the board?

No, sorry. Claws can do significant damage and we need to keep our hire fleet in good condition.

Do I need a river license?

Yes. UK rivers and canals require a license to paddle on. You can purchase a day license for the river Nene from the Environment Agency, or memberships such as British Canoeing and Water Skills Academy have a license as part of their membership.Please check your desired waterway is covered before purchasing. You can also obtain licenses directly from the Canals and River Trust and the Environment Agency.

Can I take the equipment abroad?

Please contact us directly for further information.

What if I've never paddled before?

We always recommend having at least one lesson before SUPping yourself. Although our boards are stable and ideal for beginners, we want you to be as safe as possible whilst on the water. We ask you to self certify that you have used a SUP before, and that along with being an established swimmer, you are competent in the environment you intend to use the SUP in. 

Can I keep the board for longer than I've booked?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you'd like to extend your hire. We will try our hardest to accommodate your wishes if we have no prior bookings on that date. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you give us as much notice of cancellation as possible in writing. If 14 days or less notice is given to cancel, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the booking total. Cancellations with more than 15 days notice incur no fees.

What about additional charges?

Late fees

If you are late returning a package, we will charge a penalty fee of £35 per day, per board, plus a £25 collection fee if we have come to collect the equipment from you.  We really appreciate you returning the equipment on time.


Minor scrapes happen, and this is just part and parcel of wear and tear.  As long as you look after the kit, and follow the user guide, you will not be charged for what we agree is minor damage.  But if you do cause any other damage to the board, accessories or bag, then we will have to recover the cost as shown:

  • Valve Repair/Replace from £60

  • Patch Repair from £60

  • Seam Repair from £68

  • Fin Box Repair from £100

  • Leash Ring Repair from £60

  • Replacement Paddle from £50

  • Replacement Leash from £20

  • Fin Box Bolt Kit from £10

  • Replacement Fin from £15

  • Replacement Carry Bag from £50

  • Replacement Pump from £70

Loss and theft

If the kit doesn't get returned, we will charge your credit/debit card with the manufacturers cost price of the kit.  Thefts MUST be reported to us and the police as soon as possible, and require a crime reference number to be obtained. If no valid crime number is given, we will charge your card the full retail value of the kit.

Can I buy the board?

We have many contacts in the SUP world and would be happy to help you purchase your SUP. We replace our boards on a regular basis at the end of the season so do contact us to enquire.